The Redneck Archaeologist

The Redneck Archaeologist
Jackson Burns

The Redneck Archaeologist Show

Welcome to the blog for The Redneck Archaeologist Show with Jackson Burns.
Jackson Burns is a unique individual that is a compilation of all of those elements plus more. Sometimes more Will Rodgers than Indiana Jones in speech and mannerisms, he, none the less, provides for entertaining, informative and action packed adventures, that he films as he goes along, providing a standing documentation of his discoveries. Jackson is from the small Oklahoma town of Heavener and a noted historian, explorer and film maker that has escaped from a poverty ridden childhood to become a successfulmotion picture stuntman, actor, writer, producer and director while still finding time for his studies for his love of history, archaeology and paleontology.Never having the expenses for a university education, Burns gained experience and knowledge in his fields by meeting and working for the experts in the desired fields that interested him. Researching in the field at Casa Grande, Salado Cliff Dwellings, Gilla Ruins, Teotihuacan, Tepaltzlan, Chapultepec, Spiro Mounds and the Heavener Runestone have given him invaluable expertise and knowledge in pre-Columbian cultures and explorations from other civilizations.Researching and working at Fort Smith’s Hanging Judge Parker’s courthouse museum, as well as the San Jacinto Battleground Museum, in addition to many of the famous towns of the old west such as Tombstone, Tucson and Silver City, Jackson is considered one of the foremost authorities on the American Old West.His lifelong study of the American Civil War and the strife of Reconstruction has made him a avid Civil War historian.Of mixed white, Native American ancestry himself, his study of Native Americans is considered exact and accurate.Considered by many scholars to be of a doctorate level in his fields has led Jackson to have contact with some of the most influential experts in the business and to have had opportunities to work and study at some of the most significant archaeological sites in the Western Hemisphere.Armed with his camera, a knife and a courageous sense of adventure, Jackson tackles theunusual, the odd and sometimes just the plain old unknown. Making various discoveries along the way with an incredible dose of serendipity and the tracking abilities of a bloodhound, he provides an entertaining, yet educational trek to find the truth.So come on along on an exciting, fun, informative and at many times, dangerous expedition with the Redneck Archaeologist, Jackson Burns, as he digs his way to the truth.

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